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Rules & Information


Bambata is open to 16+ only. Showing ID is mandatory at the entrance. You will no be able to re-enter the festival after leaving.


All youth movements may enter at VVK price if they are in uniform.


Please leave backpacks and large handbags (preferably) at home. Entry may be refused if you refuse to have your backpack checked.


The use of drugs on our grounds is, of course, prohibited. Between 16 and 18, only beer and wine may be served. From the age of 18 you may consume drinks containing more than 1.2% distilled alcohol (e.g. cocktails, gin and tonic, vodka and redbull, etc.). The FPS has the right to carry out checks. Fines can range from €150 to €18000. Also not allowed on the field: glass, bottles, cans of liquor. If you have had one too many: leave the car and let yourself be transported, agree on who is BOB. At the exit of Bambata you will find the phone number of Taxi Gooik. The police can carry out alcohol checks at any time.


By entering the premises, you expressly agree that you may be included in any film, photo, audio or audiovisual recording, and that it may be used in any media for any purpose, at any time or place. This includes film recordings by police or security, which may be used for consumer safety or crime fighting purposes.


If you are not feeling well or notice that someone close to you is not well, do not hesitate to go to the Red Cross medical aid station.


Both Electronic Payments (Bancontact, Payconiq)and Cash Payments are available at the cash register and receipt booth. Electronic payment is recommended.


The Christian Mutual Society provides free earplugs for this event, these are available at the ticket booth.

Parking & Circulation

Bambata offers free parking right next to the Festival. To ensure the safety around the festival please follow the circulation plan below. Thank you!

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